Chen 19 Short Form

The Chen 19 Short Form was created by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang as an introduction for Westerners not accustomed to the grueling practice of traditional Tai Chi, and who didn't have the time to learn the longer forms that many Chinese farming villagers have.  This is the form that will primarily be taught in the Beginning Tai Chi class.

The Chen Style of Tai Chi (they spell it Taiji) is where all modern Tai Chi comes from.  There were Taoist practices and fighting arts that existed before the beginning of Chen Tai Chi, but it wasn't until these were put together in Chen Village that Tai Chi proper came to be.

From there, Yang Lu Chan was the first outsider to learn the Chen family art, and he spread a modified form of it to the Chinese government and to his three sons.  That form of the art became known as Yang Style Tai Chi, and the descendants of that is what is most widely practiced today.

Chen Style has many similar movements as Yang Style, but there are also fast bursts of energy, known as Fa Jin (explosive energy), mixed in with the slow stuff, and that lets you know that this was originally a fighting art!

Chen Xiaowang is the current Grandmaster that is spreading the Chen family name throughout the world.  As you progress in your studies you will come to realize that within each style, there are many teachers, and many different ways of practicing the same form.

Another thing you will learn is that all high level teachers reserve the deepest teachings for their "indoor" students, who learn the most advanced "secrets" of the art.  This is because every teacher cannot trust every student without that student first having proven themselves to be worthy of the closely guarded "inner secrets" of the style.

This is all part of the Chinese Martial Arts lore, but it's interesting to know even for Americans.  What is being spread by teachers like Chen Xiaowang is certainly an advanced art, but one can only imagine what it's like to train with him after he's taught you for many years and trusts you with all of his knowledge. . .

Yang 24 Short Form

The Yang Style 24 Movement Short Form is an excellent introduction to Tai Chi for absolute beginners.

Within in this simple form are the very foundations of Tai Chi movement theory and internal work.

It can be practiced at a higher stance for beginners and elderly people, and at lower stances for more advanced practitioners.

This demonstration is one of the best available online, please enjoy it!